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The production process

Culture has taught us that each type of wood has its own intended use. This is why we study the various characteristics of wood and try to understand which roles we can interpret, to offer our customers the perfect product for each individual request.

Attention to quality is a core aspect throughout all production process phases. It is always possible to trace the story of each individual board, from the choice of the raw material, to the treatments and actual processing.

Particular attention is paid to the drying phase, a fundamental aspect to guarantee excellent results. This process was introduced for the first time on the Italian market by Corà in the Sixties.

The processed wood is stored in special warehouses for a period of time that varies according to the width and species of the same. For an 80 mm board in Oak, this process may take up to 180 days in an environment with controlled humidity and temperature.

Furthermore, thanks to the use of probes, the correct level of excess water evaporation is monitored inside each individual product and the distribution of the correct level of humidity in all the fibres.

The boards are then sawn and selected before being assembled, in layers and pressed to create a parquet board, ready for the finishing phase.

Each type of parquet requires different processing to maintain, not only the value of the original material, but also the functional features of the type of flooring required.

Packing, certification and prompt deliveries to customers complete the processing of this noble material.