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An Italian family.

There comes a time in life when everyone of us feel the need to "stand still a moment", and sum up what they have achieved, built and experienced in life.

This silent passage is a deeply intense and very intimate process, sometimes a moment of pride that leads us to take a look at how we have grown, what has changed around us and how we interact with the world. We are human, we are the fruit of a miracle called life. And this is what we have to respond to.

This website aims to be a small "still shot", an affectionate story of a life devoted to wood, something that has always been our barycentre. Those who read it will discover our commitments and the ambition we have to achieve tangible results, but also the ties that have kept a numerous family together for generations: passion and affection. The future is a variable by definition, but we have a certainty: the path followed until now will guide our prospects and be the origin of what we will become.

The Corà family



Corà has been operating on domestic and international markets since 1919, procuring and transforming wood using both manual and industrial processes. Today it is the largest distributors of wooden products in Italy and has the widest range of wood available on the market.

Four generations of dedicated passion have led to the development of prestigious products that meet all the demands of any building sector, from apartments to large-scale projects and restoration work.

The business has always been run bearing in mind the fragility of the ecosystem and its importance for the planet. This is why all business evolutions have always led to careful evolution of sustainability.

Corà Products comply with EU Regulation No. 995/20-10-2010 requirements which introduce traceability obligations for all wood by-products and materials so as to prevent the use of wood of illegal deforestation origin.