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Beauty is a concept of synthesis: individual quality elements are combined harmoniously to create a unique item of prestige. Our parquet floors comply with this idea and are built to exceed the time barrier, simply and intact. The simplicity of maintenance over the years. The simplicity of choosing the most suitable materials and solutions, thanks to the qualified advice of our experts.


A love for wood. This is where you have to start from, from a passion for the raw material and its inexhaustible wealth, to preserve its natural aspects. Care is given to the choice and life of the wood, protected in the factory by special storage measures, exclusively in roofed areas; just another of our basic and fundamental rules. This allows us to achieve solid and safe surfaces, for us and our children that keep all the properties of the raw materials intact.


Top quality wood is not afraid of showing off its marks of distinction. And its shine and capacity to convey a sense of warmth is definitely among them. A pleasure that is also a tactile experience to live our areas to the full.


Wood is a living material in constant evolution. If properly treated it is able to confer warmth to the environment and the persons who live in it. A carefully hand-crafted product exudes the expressive power of its details.


Wood is, first and foremost, a natural resource, and then a raw material. It must therefore be managed responsibly and wisely if we want it to be continuously regenerated, to the advantage of the planet and future generations. Our factory plants in Central Africa operate on a basis of sustainability and responsible exploitation. This is confirmed by the FSC and COC certifications assigned to our products.


When we talk of beautiful and heavy-duty parquet floors, we refer exclusively to those made from authentic wood, hence able to reproduce the beneficial effects of such a totally unique but multi-purpose raw material. Stylish and sleek, but also original and creative: parquet floors have a multitude of aesthetic effects, each unique in its kind.