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Our figures:

600,000 hectares

of forests under sustainable management in Gabon

7,500,000 m2

of forests under sustainable management in Carnia

3,200,000 Kg CO2


saved each year thanks to the photovoltaic plant systems

5 Continents


where we operate



personnel worldwide

205,000 m2


of Corà factory plants

Passion and responsibility

With love and determination, we are the interpreters and disseminators of the culture of wood. From the original family firm established in 1919 to a global enterprise which now sees Corà as a consolidated business that has several associated companies and operates in five continents encouraging development, informed management of resources and the fight to stop illegal logging.

Wood is a living material

For over 90 years we have been conferring value to this raw material. In our case, this means searching for the best wood, even in the most distant areas of the planet, processing it and turning it into the soul of our products, true protagonists of the furniture used in homes, offices and shops, outdoor areas, public places, seafaring vessels.

In love with the future

We believe that running our business well coincides with the responsible management of our natural resource: wood. This is why our procurements is always based on a concept of regeneration. The sustainable quality of our work and our products are all certified by strictest international certification bodies.