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Environmental protection

The environment is our resource and that of future generations.

Corà Parquet certificate quality

Our commitment is black on white.

We take our commitment to customers very seriously. This is why each order comes with a Certificate of Quality indicating all the technical features, traceability of the production chain as far as the individual lot purchased by the customer, national and international certification and maintenance instructions. We not only love maximum transparency of our products, but we want to be constantly responsible towards those who choose them, that is why we put it in writing, black on white.

Data sheet delivered to customer



Due diligence.

Way in advance of the entry into force of EU Regulation No. 995/2010 Corà already complied with all the requirements for correct environmental management and takes an active part in fighting illegal deforestation. Our approach is focused on transforming a legal obligation into a business strategy, capturing all the value for consumers and the community in relation to respect for the ecosystem.

Corà Parquet FSC certification 


This certification guarantees that forests are managed in accordance with the strictest environmental economic and social standards. Nothing is left to chance, from the rights of local populations and workers, to compensation for impact on the environment.



The Chain of Custody Certification guarantees the traceability of materials originating from FSC certified forests. Thanks to this certification, an organisation can show the origin of the wood it uses, providing correct and transparent evidence of its active contribution towards responsible forest management.