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Code of ethics

The value of diffused quality.

Our ethical approach is substantiated by facts. We do not simply work in a sustainable manner, compensating environmental impact, but we are actively involved in numerous aspects of corporate and environmental welfare.  

Code of ethics

Clean energy

Since 1989 we have been producing all the energy we need to run our wood processing plants ourselves. In 2010 we invested significantly in renewable energy sources, with the start-up of 8 huge photovoltaic plants for a total power of 4700 KWp (kilowatt peak) generating a saving of 3,200 tons of CO2 per annum.

Childhood and culture

Knowledge is the greatest heritage of all populations. This is why the Domenico Corà Foundation built an infant school with nursery which is attended by over 140 children every year, and also grants scholarships to students who distinguished themselves for their achievements at high schools or universities.


Culture supports populations even at a distance of 6,500 km in Gabon, where a primary school has been built for children living in the forestry areas in concession in Lastourville.

 Children Code of ethics