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Making the extraordinary possible.

Can the hardness of stone or the light of steel become wood? It is the desire to sheer away from all that is ordinary, that leads to the creation of the exclusive Corà parquet floors.

A deep passion for raw materials and the ability to innovate bring extraordinary minimalistic design solutions to life which are able to surprise and capture one's attention.

Woods that are selected and hand worked create a mix of creativity where the wood becomes the silent protagonist and the ambassador of a unique style like the personality of those who live in the home.

Old wives tales Old wives tales

Hygiene at the forefront.

Parquet is one of the easiest surfaces to keep clean. Simply use an electrostatic cloth to wipe away the dust and wash it once a week with water and products found at the local supermarket; even young kids can now be left to play on it in safety.

Certifications Certifications

We certify our love for nature.

We are immensely aware of our responsibility towards the environment, the primary source of our production chain. This is why we have set-up strict certification protocols and every day we work to achieve sustainable forest management with responsibility standards that are difficult to equal. A commitment that now also extends to the production of clean energy, the battle against illegal deforestation and educational support projects. We do not want to be chosen for the quality of our products alone, but also for the quality of our processes.

Environment Environment

We love the sun.

Not just because it makes the trees grow, but also because it powers our eight photovoltaic plants that eliminate 3,200,000 kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every single year.

Maintenance Maintenance

Easy to do.

Not just easy to say. Maintenance of our parquet floors consists in periodic hoovering or dusting with an electrostatic cloth and washing with water and specific products, found in all local supermarkets.

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