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A primary material for the pleasure of walking around your home.

Nothing is more pleasant and welcoming than one's own home. Private areas or environments open to guests, relaxation areas or kids play areas, parquet characterises living environments with personality and warmth.

From the lounge to the bedrooms to the bathroom, wood communicates tactile sensations and unique emotions step after step. This is why Corà selects the most precious woods from all over the world to transform them into furnishing items.

With processes that enhance the beauty and duration of wood, complete safety of materials used and maximum composition flexibility, Corà parquet flooring designs your new idea of home.

Old wives tales Old wives tales

Afraid of water?

Terror of droplets of water falling onto the parquet? Forget it!
When correctly treated, many woods and processing guarantee high water-proofing levels. So it is now possible to enjoy the beauty of wood in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen too.

Certifications Certifications

We certify our production chain for our customers.

We want those who choose our products to know exactly what they have bought. This is why we have set-up a production chain certification process capable of identifying every single board delivered and laid. We leave nothing to chance, and our customers are certain of the type and origin of their wood, the chemical composition and the compensation of environmental impact. We put safety in writing, anticipating the timing of new regulations, such as the new due diligence regulation for wood (EU Regulation No. 995/2010) which we already complied with.

Environment Environment

Our trees continue to grow.

The wood we deliver to your homes is already growing back. The environment is a top priority for our company. This is why we implement sustainable forest management with an international reforestation programme. An example? 750 hectares of hilly land between Udine and Pordenone.

Maintenance Maintenance

Easy to do.

Not just easy to say. Maintenance of our parquet floors consists in periodic hoovering or dusting with an electrostatic cloth and washing with water and specific products, found in all local supermarkets.

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