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From the hands of man, environments beyond time.

It is the hands of man that transform precious woods such as oak, walnut and European cherry into patterns made even more precious by luminous and intense superficial effects.

We view a home as a work of art, a place where traditional hand-crafts and contemporary flair meet to create prestigious and breath-taking environments.

Multiple types of finishes become the creative tool to realise one's very own and unique idea of environment and hospitality.

Old wives tales Old wives tales

We lay it in bedrooms.

Why not in the rest of the house? Parquet is not simply an unequalled solution for interior design projects but, thanks to its special characteristics, it is ideal for all home environments, kitchen and bathrooms included.

Certifications Certifications

We certify occupational respect.

We want those who choose our products to know exactly what they have bought. This is why we have set-up a production chain certification process capable of identifying every single board delivered and laid. We leave nothing to chance, and our customers are certain of the type and origin of their wood, the chemical composition and the compensation of environmental impact. We put safety in writing, anticipating the timing of new regulations, such as the new due diligence regulation for wood (EU Regulation No. 995/2010) which we already complied with.

Environment Environment

Il pallino della certificazione.

Non basta dichiarare attenzione per l’ambiente. Noi non abbiamo paura di agire, per questo ogni produzione è sottoposta alle più importanti e restrittive certificazioni internazionali.

Maintenance Maintenance

No ammonia.

Never use products that contain large amounts of ammonia or bleach as this will make the finish lose its shine and look dull.

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