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Let's put beauty on show.

We conceive spaces as if they were stages where beauty is on show, as if it were a theatre. The functionality and physicality of wood creates environments and colour shades that are ideal for highlighting displays.

Contact Corà's Parquet Division where you are sure to find the best solutions, at the right price, for wooden decking for exhibition areas, whether they are showrooms, important trade-fair stands, conference halls or any other display area open to the general public.

Old wives tales Old wives tales

Design instrument.

Viewing wood as simply a "classic" material is very short-sighted. Corà's research and production techniques are able to make these noble materials into outstanding items of interior design. Wood can transform and be transformed beyond all expectations.

Certifications Certifications

We certify our love for nature.

We are immensely aware of our responsibility towards the environment, the primary source of our production chain. This is why we have set-up strict certification protocols and every day we work to achieve sustainable forest management with responsibility standards that are difficult to equal. A commitment that now also extends to the production of clean energy, the battle against illegal deforestation and educational support projects. We do not want to be chosen for the quality of our products alone, but also for the quality of our processes.

Environment Environment

Our trees continue to grow.

The wood we deliver to your homes is already growing back. The environment is a top priority for our company. This is why we implement sustainable forest management with an international reforestation programme. An example?750 hectares of hilly land between Udine and Pordenone.

Maintenance Maintenance

In shops as in the home.

Some woods resist so well to abrasion and transit that they only need the maintenance similar to that required by parquet floors in the home.

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