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The value of partnerships.

Production capacity, meeting of deadlines, coordination with the project plan provided by our customers, Corà is well aware of the requirements of those who work under Contract, and works every day to make sure it is recognised as a reliable partner.

Whether it is a large hotel, an airport area, a large residential complex, or a school, the construction requirements of the Project Manager always become our prime objective.

Corà's philosophy has led it to be recognised by businessmen and engineers as a resource capable of proposing top quality materials guaranteeing a solid and efficient production cycle and logistic services.

Old wives tales Old wives tales

Walk on it!

We often believe that wood is a material which easily wears out when too many people walk on it. Wrong! Extremely hard-wearing woods guarantee maximum duration over time, even in heavy transit areas, without foregoing a characteristic pattern.

Certifications Certifications

We certify occupational respect.

Producing wood means working in Italy but also, very often, in foreign countries which endure a daily battle to emerge from disadvantageous conditions. This is why we actively collaborate with the local populations, not only work-wise, but also contributing to their development, building schools and infrastructures. Leaving a tangible sign of our values is a must for our company.

Environment Environment

Education, first and foremost.

Not just nature, but also culture. Our passion for future generations was the driving force behind our decisions to open an infant school in Italy, a school in Gabon, and grant a number of scholarships to worthy students in high schools and universities.

Maintenance Maintenance

In shops as in the home.

Some woods resist so well to abrasion and transit that they only need the maintenance similar to that required by parquet floors in the home.

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