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Enchanting oasis.

Prestigious terraces or smaller more intimate spaces, the exteriors of a home become part of the furnishing project you had in mind.

A palette of woods, shades and surface finishes create unbeatable stylish and comfortable corners, capable of welcoming and indulging the senses.

The Corà Parquet Division has a wide range of solutions for wooden floorings for terraces and balconies. Each lot of parquet comes with a Certificate of Quality indicating all the technical features, traceability of the production chain as far as the individual lot purchased by the customer, national and international certification and maintenance instructions

Old wives tales Old wives tales

Don't worry about the weather.

Whether it's a large terrace or a small balcony, wood guarantees a precious finishing touch to the area combined with exceptionally high resistance to atmospheric agents over time. All of this with extraordinarily easy routine maintenance.

Certifications Certifications

We certify our production chain for our customers.

We want those who choose our products to know exactly what they have bought. This is why we have set-up a production chain certification process capable of identifying every single board delivered and laid. We leave nothing to chance, and our customers are certain of the type and origin of their wood, the chemical composition and the compensation of environmental impact. We put safety in writing, anticipating the timing of new regulations, such as the new due diligence regulation for wood (EU Regulation No. 995/2010) which we already complied with.

Environment Environment

Education, first and foremost.

Not just nature, but also culture. Our passion for future generations was the driving force behind our decisions to open an infant school in Italy, a school in Gabon, and grant a number of scholarships to worthy students in high schools and universities.

Maintenance Maintenance

Count the hours (only a few!).

It takes just 3-4 hours of work a year to maintain about 60 square metres of parquet flooring. That really is nothing if compared to the beauty this material is able to bestow.

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