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All you have to do now is dive in!

An oasis of relaxation becomes even more precious with Corà outdoor parquet decking solutions. All the warmth and physical attraction of wood stimulates the senses step after step, until you dive into the refreshing crystal-clear water.

From the pool coping to the walkways to the large areas of decking, the ability to furnish with style goes beyond the walls of the home to create a sense of continuity with the outdoor environments.

Easy maintenance boosts the possibility to develop truly special projects using perfect woods, patterns and finishings to bring your idea of outdoor environments to life.

Old wives tales Old wives tales

Dip your feet.

Parquet is a perfect coping solution for indoor and outdoor pools. Particular woods not only guarantee a non-slip effect but, also, a wonderfully pleasant sensation when walking barefoot.

Certifications Certifications

We certify occupational respect.

Producing wood means working in Italy but also, very often, in foreign countries which endure a daily battle to emerge from disadvantageous conditions. This is why we actively collaborate with the local populations, not only work-wise, but also contributing to their development, building schools and infrastructures. Leaving a tangible sign of our values is a must for our company.

Environment Environment

Our trees continue to grow.

The wood we deliver to your homes is already growing back. The environment is a top priority for our company. This is why we implement sustainable forest management with an international reforestation programme. An example?750 hectares of hilly land between Udine and Pordenone.

Maintenance Maintenance

No varnish.

You do not need varnish to maintain our outdoor parquet decking. All you need is some oil for wood and a brush, and that's it.

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