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The space beyond the home.

Gardens, gazebos, open spaces: the boundaries between a home and nature tend to blend into a visual and functional continuity that extends the space of the home.

Wood creates areas for relaxing and chatting with others, it borders open spaces and creates routes becoming the absolute protagonist of outdoor life.

Corà, grazie alla sua attività di ricerca delle essenze e alle tecniche di lavorazione del legno, è in grado di offrire un'ampia gamma di parquet specifici per ambienti esterni. Materiali resistenti alle intemperie e agli agenti atmosferici, adatti per qualsiasi esigenza di pavimentazione all'aperto.

Old wives tales Old wives tales

Never outdoors!

Wrong! Parquet is one of the best solutions for external decking, whether it is used for gazebos, terraces, swimming pools and walkways. Thanks to the use of suitable woods and laying techniques, it is possible to enjoy the pleasure of wood even when outdoors.

Certifications Certifications

We certify our love for nature.

We are immensely aware of our responsibility towards the environment, the primary source of our production chain. This is why we have set-up strict certification protocols and every day we work to achieve sustainable forest management with responsibility standards that are difficult to equal. A commitment that now also extends to the production of clean energy, the battle against illegal deforestation and educational support projects. We do not want to be chosen for the quality of our products alone, but also for the quality of our processes.

Environment Environment

A passion for certification.

Simply declaring one's attention to the environment is not enough. We are ready to act on it, and that's why every production lot is subjected to the strictest and most demanding international certification requirements.

Maintenance Maintenance

No varnish.

You do not need varnish to maintain our outdoor parquet decking. All you need is some oil for wood and a brush, and that's it.

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