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Milano Design Forest: a “forest” of woods




With its Corà Parquet division, the wood marketing and processing leader Corà1919 will take its 100 years of history to the next Milan Furniture Fair. The company welcomes the current sector challenge to explore new scenarios where design and the creation of natural finishes merge: horizontal surfaces become wall cladding and furnishings, allowing the environments to dialogue in a style continuum.


The concept

Milano design Forest: a “forest” of woods is the title of a concept that dresses Corà Parquet trees with wood, colours and processes. This suggestive open-air tunnel with “wooden foliage” will punctuate the centre of Milan, presenting wood species with which to furnish spaces and fill the expanses of life with nature and well-being.

To this effect, the Corà 1919 woods propose a modular cladding and furnishing system of innovative and functional design created by the enthusiastic Corà Parquet laboratory; the foliage of each tree is enriched with different types of wood to represent some of the countless decorative possibilities available to the interior design world.

The philosophy that inspired “Milano design Forest: a “forest” of woods” originates from an analysis of the creative needs of designers based on organisation models that are increasingly more flexible, functional and changeable. The project, in fact, arose from constant technological research that answers the requirements of efficiency and adaptability, but which can satisfy the views of those who live and choose this material. Cedar, Wenge, Padouk, Zebrano, Okoumé for solid woods are some of the finishes narrated by the display panels, which have been laser-shaped to give the profile of stylised trees. The foliage, made of different types of wood, also recalls some of our parquet collections, such as Wave, Fabbrica 4.0, Forever, Metal Luxury, and tree-shaped motifs and colours for the “The Print of Wood” series of pressed panels will be on display: real veneered oak for creating furniture. The panel decoration was obtained by pressing the material, not by etching it, indeed all the layers are piled and placed in the press, then they are hot-pressed; this very innovative and
technological process adheres all the layers of the panel to each other.

They are a sign, a knot and the roughest and most material aspects of nature that inspire the creation of an audacious, unrepeatable design.



A project with, in addition, a wider ethical worth that involves climatic change. The urban woods grow in collective consciousness to render contemporary cities with houses and sustainable materials green: architects who care about the values of ecological sustainability launch this message and choose wood as the material for building the future. It is a message that is part of the Corà Legnami centenary, the reality of a company that has been specialising in the production of wood and its by-products nationally and internationally for 4 generations: a special anniversary to talk about experience, tradition that became a passion, culture and research!

During the Milan fair the very central via Croce Rossa 2, a continuation of Monte Napoleone, will be shaded by a wood to symbolise this choice: trees born a century ago that were humbly sown by men who, while exploring the most diverse countries on the globe, selected different types of prestigious wood, still unknown, and presented them to Italian artisans and companies. Corà is celebrating its first century of history by promoting an awareness of real wood, a century that holds the sustainable history of countries that live by this material and the hands that work it to tell its story: unique, renewable and recyclable, naturally alive and resistant.

Ten trees represent the decades of this last century, made of choices, emotions, aromas, time warps, and tell about the strength of a company that has wood in its roots.

It is a natural material that holds the past as an expression of life, of skin that alters, of colourthat changes and a landscape of unknown sensations to be explored.

Nature and beauty are the cornerstones of Corà, which celebrates its centenary with an openair route between architecture and design, enriched by its experience with the raw material and Italian design and craftsmanship that began in 1993 with the Parquet Division: a
continually developing offer inspired by the natural beauty of wood and contaminated by tendencies gleaned from the creative fabric of Italian excellence, to answer the most varied home and contract requirements for interiors and exteriors.


The values of the forest Corà Parquet


The variability of vintage in the memory of “industrial” floors with surface finishes in
black…or white?


The varied geometric combinations are a reflection of the strong character of the raw
material in white…or black?

Product displayed: oak woodflooring FABBRICA 4.0 black/white

2) LOVE coral

The colour of coral and the life that the sea creates during its perpetual cycle bring a
vibrant message of beauty to be nurtured.

Product displayed: oak woodflooring WAVE coral

LOVE water

The reflection of the sea that plays with the light and the sensuality of a wave to be
dominated in order to create shapes through imagination.

Product displayed: oak woodflooring WAVE light blue

3) CENTENARY history

The history of a century becomes passion, culture and research, the history of men who
have been in contact with the same raw material for generations.

Product displayed: oak woodflooring FOREVER 1919

CENTENARY tradition

The tradition of a floor reminding its origin and artisanal manufacturing in order to create
nature, balance and beauty.

Product displayed: WALNUT planks


Wood panels that are pressed, layer after layer, to design the mark of a new modern
and intense style with the folds of nature.

Product displayed: RUSTICO embossed panels with natural walnut veneer


European Oak boards become shiny jewels that reflect and absorb light to create
precious, iridescent atmospheres.

Product displayed: oak woodflooring LUXURY


The imprints of Africa and the wood road hold the stories of the country and those who
choose to add their own “touch” when shaping the wood.

Product displayed: panel OKOUMÈ


Harmony creates beauty: a balance that man has always tried to recreate by exploring
the identity of his own area

Product displayed: WENGÈ planks


Designs, colours, decorations, the aromas of wood and that same authenticity that
makes the shape of nature changeable and alive

Product displayed: CEDAR planks


A sign, a knot and the roughest and most material aspects of nature that inspire the
creation of an audacious, unrepeatable design.

Product displayed: larch woodflooring RESIA


Surfaces with an irregular feel and a wide colour range show Italianism and multiform

Product displayed: oak woodflooring ECCELLENZE ITALIANE


The most ecological factory is enclosed in the life cycle of a seed, a tree, wood and the
life of a product that regenerates.

Product displayed: oak woodflooring RIGENERA


Woods and forests are a heritage rich in biodiversity that can be “collected” to add wellbeing
to urban development.

Product displayed: CARBON embossed panels with BLACK engineered veneer


The product “life cycle” measures the ecological balance of a material turned into a
more and more desirable solid wood.

Product displayed: NIANGON planks






INSTAGRAM Contest - FUORISALONE 2019 | Corà Parquet


Win a free weekend for the best photo posted on Instagram with #Cora100 

Find Corà Parquet at Fuorisalone in Milan with the MILANO DESIGN FOREST project. Post your own photo with hashtag #Cora100 and take part in the contest that gives you a chance to win a five-star weekend for two people. Winner will be chosen randomly.

How does it work?

Instagram is a fresh and fast social network based on images. Just open your camera, take a picture of yourself in the “Forest of woods” or at the Forest itself. The "Forest of Woods" is an installation created by Corà Parquet at FuoriSalone in Milan in via Croce Rossa, piazzetta Armani coffee.

Take the picture, post it and don’t forget #Cora100!

“#Cora100” Terms and Conditions

“#Cora100” contest is reserved to all the visitors of the "Forest of Woods" created by Corà Parquet at FuoriSalone in Milan in via Croce Rossa, piazzetta Armani coffee. Winner will be chosen randomly among all the shared pics that feature the hashtag #Cora100.

This type of activity does not involve Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram. The recipient of the information sent by the contestants is not Instagram, but Kromia Design in their capacity as managers of Corà Parquet’s Instagram account.

Pursuant to art. 5, paragraph 1, letter d) of Italian Presidential Decree No. 43072001 and of MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) updating, FAQ No. 10 of 31 March 2017, the contest "#Cora100" is not considered a competition or prize contest as the value of the prizes is negligible.

The retention and use by the organisation of the users' personal data complies with Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30/06/2003 "Data Protection Law" and subsequent amendments. The following personal data are collected, processed and used by Corà Parquet. in its capacity as organiser and owner of the processed data, only and exclusively for the purpose and within the terms foreseen for the implementation and conduct of the operation: Surname, name of the participant and address to which the prize should be sent. The data are processed by telematic or manual tools, in ways that comply with the aforementioned purposes and, in any case, in a way that guarantees the safety of such data.

Your personal data will be deleted once the "#Cora100" contest has been completed. Pursuant to art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03, you may withdraw your consent to the retention, processing and use of your personal data at any time; following such communication your data will be immediately cancelled. To exercise your rights pursuant to art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/30 and/or express your cancellation request, you may send an email to, or a letter to the address of the organiser.

This contest is valid throughout the entire duration of the Fuorisalone: from 8th to 14th April 2019. Each user will be able to win at most once. The photos must be lawful, relevant, with the exclusion of all vulgar, offensive or injurious contributions.

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