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Corà1919 at ARCH MOSCOW 2019


6 + 6 = 3: Corà wooden colours

TRIANGLE Resia Larch | SQUARE Eccellenze italiane Oak | CIRCLE Copper Oak

The idea 6 + 6 = 3, designed by Corà and ONO architettura, follows the concept of the Weimar School, where art takes on a new role in the productive system. At Bauhaus we definitely can witness the birth of design as a union between art and technique.

The Bauhaus, which today still has influence, was a crucial moment in the twentieth-century debate on the relationship between technology and culture, and it is also strongly inspired the concept “6 + 6 = 3: Corà wooden colours”, first of all in the choice of Corà products, a company born as the Bauhaus in 1919.

Culture + technology = the oldest material we know, wood, worked with the most modern technologies. The uniqueness of an ancient typical Italian family-run company was born from here and this is why nowadays Corà still draws from artisans-artists to create tailor-made "clothes" by exploiting the interaction between mechanics, electronics and information technology.

The exposition in ARCH MOSCOW 2019 portraits the same message as also in Weimar the master- artisan used to work side by side with master-artists. They are the same people we imagine working Oak, Larch and American Walnut in the “Corà carpentry workshop” through art, handcraft and technology to create 6 exposition panels.

Six panels covered with different geometric designs with 6 wood types to show how a simple display system can also become a work of art thanks to the visual short circuit that is generated from 3 precise points of view: the observer captures a flat figure on a tridimensional background.

The three geometric figures (circle, square, triangle), which became iconic in the Bauhaus Manifesto, are shown on the panels, each one in a different wood species from the one on the background: the circle in Oak Copper on the American Walnut, the Petrarca/Canova/Tintoretto square on the Coffee finishing and the triangle in Resia Larch on Carrezza Larch.

The exhibition depicts wood both as a finished product for architecture and interior design and as a work of art, communicating the sensitivity of Corà collected over 100 years of experience. It proposes the dress of a refined environment that - like the one we wear - it restores impact, colour, brightness, texture, elegance, finish to connote the character of the place we inhabit.


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