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IconaWhat do you actually know about parquet?


What advantages does parquet have?

Countless. Starting from a higher quality of life thanks to the natural features of the wood, such as the ability to convey softness and warmth. Parquet is the perfect instrument for interior design projects, giving a luminous, sleek and stylish look to indoor environments. Moreover, parquet is hygienic and an excellent thermal-acoustic insulating element.


Is it true that maintenance is complicated?

False. Especially in the case of modern products such as Corà parquet. It only needs minor interventions, and each type of parquet comes with its own laying and maintenance manual to guarantee long-lasting performance beyond all expectations.


Can it be used outdoors?

Of course. Around swimming pools or on paths, terraces, gardens, gazebos and open spaces in general, even in public spaces. Parquet confers personality and uniqueness to the environment and matches any furniture style perfectly; the important thing is to choose the right product, wood and laying method.


Is parquet only for use in lounges and bedrooms?

Absolutely not. Simply choose the right wood to suit the requirements of the environments in which it will be installed. To quash all doubts: parquet can be used in the bathroom or kitchen, a drop of water will certainly not do it any harm!


Is it suitable for children?

It's ideal for crawling! Easy to clean, warm to the touch, parquet is the ideal solution for children when they are toddlers.


How long does parquet last?

A very long time. It is obviously important to select the right quality of wood according to the level of wear and tear it must endure but, generally speaking we can say that parquet is one of the longest lasting floorings there is. To revive it again, after a good few years, all it needs is some simple grinding and polishing.


Is the exploitation of wood done responsibly?

With Corà, environmental responsibility is a certainty. For us, it is not simply a question asked by our users, but our main requirement. In addition, tending to the trees and bushes so they are constantly regenerated is a way of guaranteeing quality raw materials whilst ensuring a fundamental resource for the planet.


What are wood species?

That's simple. Just different types of woods. Each type (Teak, Doussiè, Oak, Wenge, Iroko to name just a few) have distinctive features, from both a chromatic and technical view point. Furthermore, each wood evolves differently over time. Wood, in fact, is a living material!